Our History:

Typewrite Office Equipment is an independent SMME which started business in 1980 as a Sole Proprietorship. In 1991, the Close Corporation was formed, and the company has grown steadily since then. Initially, manual and electric typewriters formed the core business of the company, both in sales, and servicing and repairs.

The rapid development of electric typewriters reached a peak with the “golfball” typewriter, arguably the most complex electro-mechanical typewriter ever made. Within a few years, the first electronic typewriters appeared on the market, using the “daisy wheel” printing element to type letters onto the page. At this time, rapid advances in technology made the plain paper copier, and the fax machine, an affordable office appliance that everyone needed.

As a business, Typewrite stayed at the forefront of these developments as they gained popularity, and built on years of knowledge and experience to successfully transition into the new era of the electronic office. Electronic typewriters quickly evolved into word processors, and as computers became cheaper and more accessible, word processors faded away – just as quickly as they came – into obscurity.

Computers, printers, and multi-function machines soon became commonplace, and Typewrite represented all the leading brands of these machines and their accessories. When the digital revolution arrived Typewrite was ideally positioned to adopt the new technologies as they were developed.

A solid history with the office machine industry spanning over forty years – that was lived and experienced as it happened, means that Typewrite has built it’s reputation on a vast foundation of knowledge of how offices work, and more importantly, how to make work easier for people working in the office.

Nowadays, we feature 3D printers and accessories. That same spirit of innovation and progress that started in 1980, has driven our company ever forward. We are ready and able to embrace the next “big thing”.

Be there with us when it happens!

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