Download your reusable 3D printing spool


Funkiments™ filament is sold as refill rolls on cardboard cores – this means we don’t have to wind every roll of filament onto a plastic spool. Not only does this allow us to sell our products at a highly competitive price, but it’s also better for the environment as less plastic waste is generated! No fancy packaging, no nonsense, just great filament!

Simply download the 3D Printable Spool Core and pair it with the 3D Printable Skeleton Spool Sides, or alternatively you can download the spool side .dxf file and get them laser cut instead!

If you prefer, you can download the old version of the reusable filament spool which is entirely 3D printed – see the files and recommended settings below.


Old-Style reusable filament spool – Side A


Old-style reusable filament spool – Side B


Recommended 3D printer settings

Layer Height 0.28mm
Line Width 0.4mm
Print Speed 70mm/s
Infill 20%

Total Print Time: +/- 20 Hours
Total Weight: +/- 200g